The post process…

Ahhhh yeah, you shoot the movie and get it all in the can. You return home, decompress, get your bearings back and then it hits you! We’re not done, in fact, we haven’t really begun.

The most creative part of the making of a film is the third film. What is the third film some might ask? The third film is the editing phase of filmmaking. Any professor or experienced filmmaker, if asked, will inevitably tell you, the first film is the writing of the script, the second, principle photography (physically making and shooting the film), and the third, editing the film you wrote and shot.

That said, that time has come. The time to shake off the production hangover and get motivated to take this bad boy to and through the finish line. It is easier said than done however. Why? Because life gets in the way. People have to work, feed their families, make them ENDS MEET! But for me, my ends, financially and spiritually, and responsibility to all involved (crew, actors, producers, INVESTORS!) lie in 2TB’s of pro res files, awaiting some tender love, care, patience and nurturing. With Hammster taking off to Romania soon for 10 days (for a wonderful cause and documentary- GOD BLESS the Hammster!), I’m going to be running through these files, checking best performances and editing some rough looks at scenes as to help the process along. A BIG THANKS goes out to Torrey Loomis, yet again for his assistance on lending out an available 2TB drive, as well as use of Final Cut Pro HD. Hope to have everything I need today.

Onward and upward — Kevin


You know you’re tired when…..

So here I (Brian Hamm- DP) am again,sitting at my gate on my way to my “day job” as i call it. Another docu-drama crime tv show.
You know you’re tired ¬†and sick of traveling when the ticket agent asks me, “Where are you flying into?”
CUT to: BRIAN witha blank stare.
TICKET AGENT: “uh… Minneapolis? Atlanta?”
BRIAN: “uh… man i forgot… ”
TICKET AGENT keeps typing.
BRIAN: “wait ya Atlanta!!!”
TICKET AGENT: “No… you’re going to Raleigh Durham”
BRIAN: “That’s it… That’s where I’m going.”
Now im probably on a watch list.

Welp, I have the whole movie ready to edit in my back pack. I’ll try and get some scenes cut in the downtime.

More pretzels please