Assembly rough edit and polished rough…

So, in actual editing time, the initial rough cut of the film took right around two weeks of time, with Brian cutting the first block, and myself cutting the second (unfortunately, to find those 14 days of editing, it took 2 months because of our schedules). Hamm’s edit of block 1 came to a TRT of 54 mins, and my edit of block 2 came to 86 mins, for a total TRT of 140 mins.

Now the  real work starts in taking the 140 minute rough assembly and polishing it down to a solid 120 to get it ready for feedback. To anyone out there aspiring to make an indie film, if you can swing it, try as hard as you can to find room in your shoestring budget for a DIT. The gift of having a rough assembly and organized folders full on with scene numbers and shots labeled is going to be the best money spent outside of catering! We of course couldn’t do that on this one, and we’ve had to suffer through searching for shots, but we’ve managed. It’s very likely that a DIT will be a part of the next production!

At this point, only Hamm and I have seen the footage, but we’re definitely looking forward to getting it in front of Alan, Kevin Hartman, and of course JoJo. We can’t wait to get sound sweetening going as well as the composing process and full on sound design/mix. We started yesterday on my block, with Hamm putting his mojo on my edit. We re-edited about 24 mins, with Hamm now back in the driver’s seat (Thank GOD!) We’ll continue today and tomorrow, finishing up my block, and then circling back to the start of the film, through Hamm’s  block. At the end of Thursday, we hope to have the second pass of the edit complete, and God willing, in a form that is viewable for feedback.

If we’re under 120 mins of TRT, we’re way ahead of the game. But like Hamm said, “the first cut of “Titanic” was 36 hours.”  (ha!).

– Kevin


The Edit…

Finally, after Hamm organized footage, edited between gigs, etc, Hamm and I were finally able to get three days sets aside to hammer out the rough cut of the film. Of course, once that happens, life and logistics gets in the way. I had a meeting that I was in LA for, push out, causing me not to being able to sit with Hamm for the allotted three days. So we had to work apart, Hamm in Rocklin, myself in Hermosa.  (thank God for technology). So, that said, we schedule out another three days a couple of weeks later, adjust our schedules so we can be in the same room annnnnnd… yep, a gig comes up for the Hamster (it’s money, and it’s a blessing), but, it means we will have to push another week. At this point, we’re very luck to have half of the film in a very rough edit. We’ll be getting together on May 29,30,31, to hammer out the second half. With God’s will, we will hopefully have a rough edit by early June. I will say this, on a much more positive note. The footage looks amazing, from both performance, photography and coverage, it is cutting together seamlessly. We should all pat ourselves on the back, because we covered this film wonderfully, and everyone brought their “A-GAME!”

– Kevin