Everything is coming together.

DVD’s and Soundtrack ready to sell,

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One more week!

Well it was Thanksgiving today. Was a great day as a family.

We are all set for next week. We finalized the DVDs and the posters and flyers for the 30th premiere.


Also….. register at the website and get a free song from the sound track!!!


One year later…wow

November 1st 2011 we started principle photography. I remember the very first shot we set up for. Te breakfast scene in kitchen with Wayne and Jesse.
One year ago and we are in screening and distribution mode. Not bad for the smallest crew in the world.

The first edition DVD is off for duplication. It feels great to have a completed movie done !
We are excited to start screening and looking forward to November 30 th. our first exclusive premiere at Bridgeway Christian Church in Rocklin Ca. 6:30pm

Kevin, Martin and I had fun last week finishing up an audio commentary for the DVD. I always feel stupid hearing my voice but hopefully people will find it informative and entertaining.

On November 6th what better way then to celebrate my birthday with my family and that night having a special screening for Senior Pastor Lance Hahn, Rachel Clark and David  Webb. It was nerve racking thinking the whole time “They  hate it…. what are we even doing? This is so lame”
But my fears were overcome after a great conversation from them. From positive reviews and interesting points that we never thought of to some real heart felt emotions that gave a deep perspective on the film itself.
Without giving anything away. The best way to put it. “This is a heavy film”.
So take that as you may. I agree it is a heavy film and I think we all need to experience a moment of intensity and emotional perspectives.


So I just got the drive back from “Core Care” in Sacramento.
Data is fully recovered and my heart is beating normal.
Saved us from so much work.


Was amazing….

so $461 later for purchase of an new drive and recovered data which was 3 weeks of work easy. I’d call it even.!!!

Tonight was a great night showing an “AV CLUB” at Bridgeway Christian Church some scenes of the film and meeting some really great people.
We showed a group of film lovers some scenes and had a great response.
We are finalizing a DVD MASTER in the next 24 hours.

Hope it goes well











So here I am …..ahhhhhhh.

After exactly one year from when we started principle photography on I WAS BROKEN, with only 2 more days until we have a finished master lock on visuals and sound mix,

God puts us to the ultimate test. A test “who is really in control?”. Me or HIM.

Now, 35,000 feet in the air on my way home from New Jersey leaving early from a shoot dodging the latest hurricane “Sandy” Praise God I made it out in time, let alone shooting the streets of Trenton New Jersey which was more dangerous than being in a hurricane, I managed to sit in Dallas airport putting final mix touches on the last 20 minutes of the film when a buzz sound in the headphones when down my spine and Pro Tools (audio editing software) froze up like the arctic.


Everything gone. The whole movie! The hard drive will not mount anymore.

Oddly, I am not freaking out at least as much you would think I should.

I know God has His hand on it and has a plan on dealing through this.

I am going in to a shop in the morning tomorrow to see what my options are.

Most of the time they can recover the file. It’s a time and money issue. Could be $500-$5000 or more. We have contingencies.

I know… why didn’t I back it up? I did… except with me traveling so much I just kept the last days one the one drive.

Anyways. This is just a last minute reminder that God wants to test us that this is HIS movie not ours. Sometimes I get so passionate and have good intentions but am I really focused the reality and truth? This time has only made me come to him in reverence and trust. Something I know I need at this moment.


Psalm 62:1,2 “My soul waits in silence for God only; from Him cometh my salvation. He is my rock and shelter, He is my high tower, I shall not be shaken.”


The Psalm goes on praising God and then repeats, “He is my rock and shelter, He is my high tower, I shall not be shaken.” 62:11 it says “God has spoken once, Twice have I hear this, That power belong to the Lord.”

So who’s really in control? The one that protects us and loves us. Nothing will tear me down. I heard when the bible repeats itself… it’s probably really important.

This was one on my mom’s favorite verses… hence the tattoo on my wrist as a reminder.


Prayer time that I can recover some file tomorrow and that it’s not expensive.

NOV 1st is our deadline.