Coloring “I Was Broken”

Let the coloring begin! From left to right, Colorist Mike Burton, DP Brian Hamm, Director Kevin Haskin, Composer Alan Koshiyama.


The New Sound Design Suite by “Koshi”

This is how we get down doing sound design. It is coming along quite nicely. Had a great business strategy meeting today with Hamm and Marty, and met with a local singer/songwriter Victor Edwards that we’re possibly getting a song from. Tomorrow Hamm, Koshi and I are getting together to compile all sound elements and see where we’re at. We’re getting close!

It’s a long way in to desert troll territory…you’d better Cowboy UP!

Again, later afternoon warmed up for earlier. The background almost doesn’t look real! I’m not lying about the trolls either, believe me, they’re out there. On one of our last shots, there’s a part where Noufer’s character is resting on the ground. We worked on that scene for quite a while. As you can see, there aren’t any houses anywhere, or are there? Later, a truck drove down from out of nowhere to check on us and see if we’re okay, i.e., THE HILLS DO INDEED HAVE EYES!!!